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Mediation is a voluntary, confidential process which brings disputing parties together with a trained, neutral third party to discuss their differences, define the interests involved and provide guidance that may assist the disputants in reaching their own solutions which are practical and beneficial to all parties.

Mediators do not give legal advice or provide legal services and do not decide who is right or wrong or who wins or loses.


• Mediation is less costly when compared to hiring an attorney to litigate.

• Mediation will be quicker. Your disagreement can be heard sooner by mediators than it would be if a complaint had to be filed in the Magistrate Court and given a scheduled court date, sometimes running from 60 - 90 days.

• Mediation is a more private process than Court, and produces results that are more satisfying and longer lasting.

• Mediation lets you decide. In mediation you and the other party decide on the resolution to your dispute. In Court, the judge makes the decision. Mediators do not make decisions.

• Mediation can help to repair relationships damaged by a disagreement, there by sustaining friends, business associates and family relationships.

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